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    Hanging Ball Terrariums

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    Hanging Ball Terrariums - as part of the shopping series by GeoBeats. Here we have a hanging terrarium. It is actually non-living. All the pieces inside are dry. And this piece was inspired by the time when I went to snorkeling and I saw these beautiful corals underneath and of course I could not take them home with me. So, when I went out shopping I found these balls that reminded me of sea urchins, kind of spikes on them, and so I wanted to bring back some memories from my trip and so I put some moss and some flowers inside. Very colorful and remind me of my time snorkeling. And they come in different sizes. If you wanted to draw your eye upwards, you can hang them. Or you can even lay them down on the table here, just like this. It is a nice conversation piece, and it does not require any light because it is dry. These are different colors of flowers you can choose from, and the mosses, but I think these three look great together.