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    Blind Chinese Girl Pursues Her Dream


    by NTDTelevision

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    Up next... we bring you a story of determination and overcoming adversity. For one Chinese, gonig blind didn't mean the lights went out in her quest to have her voice heard far and wide.

    At the age of 10 Dong Lina lost her eyesight, but that hasn't stopped her from realizing her dream.

    Dong, now a telephone program presenter, was sent to a school for the blind in Liaoning Province after losing her sight.

    After graduating, Dong found a job at a massage parlor. But it wasn't what she wanted to do for the rest of her life.

    [Dong Lina, Telephone Program Presenter]:
    "The thing I fear most is leading a routine life where everyday is the same, without any progress."

    Dong was one step closer to her dream when she came across an advertisement offering free presenter training from a charity organization for the blind.

    Leaving her job in Dalian, she arrived at the charity organization in Beijing to pursue her dream as a presenter.

    Dong worked really hard.

    [Wang Weili, Voice Teacher]:
    "She would knock on my door early in the morning, sometimes when I was still in bed or had just woken up. She would start practicing as soon as she entered the room."

    All her dedication and hard work paid off when she participated in the 2010 'Xiaqin Cup' National Reading Competition.

    [Wang Jing, National Reciting Competition of Xiaqin Cup]:
    "For a blind person, they would face many challenges in daily life. However, her love for reciting is indeed very moving."

    Dong won second prize, and was the only blind contestant among 10,000 participants in the entire competition.

    She was encouraged to study broadcasting and presenting at the Communication University of China... and didn't have to pay for classes.