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    THE GOLDBERGS season 3 episode 1 1955

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    Gertrude Berg created Molly Goldberg for 1930s-1940s radio with the signature call from the kitchen window, "Yoo Hoo, Mrs Bloom!" Ms. Berg wrote, directed and starred in the radio comedy/drama as she did when The Goldbergs made the transition to television in the 50's. This episode, once thought lost through irreverent handling of film and kinescope, was a viewer favorite. The Goldbergs centers upon a middle class Jewish family in New York, Molly is the matriarch, her husband, Jake (Robert B. Harris) tries to "wear the pants around the house," their spirited daughter Rose (a/k/a Rosalie, Arlene McQuabe) and wise, old Uncle David (Eli Mintz). In some, not all episodes including this, Thomas Taylor played the now you see him now you don't Sammy Goldberg. A full profile of The Goldbergs and the founding woman who got it on the air (a pioneer for women as TV executives, before Lucy), Gertrude Berg can be found at