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    How to pray 5 Times a day Complete Guide ' all five prayers in one video


    by TheOttomanTurks

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    All you have to do is copy what the person does. If you dont know the prayers thats ok you just copy the movements, he leads the prayes meaning he will be the Imam (leader) who will leads the prayer. So put the computer or laptop in front of you & be silent throughout the prayers. What you do have to say is at the beginning of the prayer give your Intentions to by saying "O I am stating the FAJR Prayer (for eg) by following the Imam". You also have to say "Allahu Ekbar" everytime you hear it & at the moment you grab your knees you have to say "Supane Rabiel Athim" 3 times then on the way up say "Semi Allah Humilen Hamide & if you want you can add Rabena Lekehamd" then when you go down in sejud with head & nose on the ground say "Supane Rabiel Alla" 3 times & when you are in the sitting position say all the prayes, if you dont know them its ok but please learn them, at the end say the same thing the Imam says when his head turns right & left & your done