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    Isabelle Boulay; Singer, Olympia Quebec13- vxyx2z


    by copts

    181 views vxyx2z __ Olympia; Isabelle Boulay sings “Non je ne regrette rien” Tribute to Edith Piaf - Quebec has a long-standing tradition of producing “chanson divas” with extraordinary voices and Isabelle Boulay is no exception to the rule. Isabelle's soul-filled vocals, together with her strong stage presence and her impressive mane of auburn hair, have won this young singer a huge following of fans in her native Quebec. What's more, Quebec's new diva has now become a firm favourite across French-speaking Europe. --- Born in Ste Félicité, a small town in Gaspésie, in eastern Quebec, on 6 July 1972, Isabelle was the eldest of her parents' three children. The Boulay family owned a restaurant in Ste Félicité and Isabelle was encouraged to sing there for friends and family from an early age.