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    The price of gold will reach unimaginable levels


    by GoldMoney

    Watch the full 19-minute video at Johann Saiger, Editor of Midas Investment Report, and James Turk, Director of the GoldMoney Foundation, meet in Munich and talk about the price of gold. Johann Saiger explains that he has been very bullish on gold for the past 10 years and remains very bullish. However he warns that the sovereign debt crisis poses deflationary dangers, which could set gold back temporarily. He says that we are walking on a tightrope between deflation and hyperinflation and that after a short deflationary shock central banks will overreact with money printing. They talk about gold and silver being very undervalued, even compared to its previous high in 1980, once it is adjusted for inflation. They also talk about the dow/gold ratio as a way of measuring gold’s value.

    This interview was recorded on November 4th 2011 in Munich.