Nobel Prize Laureates Lecture at Stockholm Uni

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Nobel Prize laureates in physics, chemistry and economy are in Sweden before their award ceremony, with an extensive program ahead of them. They're being awarded for discoveries such as the expansion of the universe, and the unique structure of quasi-crystals. Our correspondent in Stockholm has more.

Nobel Laureates in physics, chemistry and economy gave lectures at Aula Magna in Stockholm University, on Thursday.

The Laureates are in Sweden for the Nobel prize award ceremony.

First to lecture were the Nobel Prize laureates in Physics.

Three physicists were honored "for the discovery of the accelerating expansion of the Universe through observations of distant supernovae."

Shared between two teams, the prize goes to Saul Perlmutter from the United States, Adam G. Reiss, also from the United States, and Brian P. Schimidt from Australia.

The discovery was a surprise even for the scientists themselves.

[Saul Perlmutter, Professor of Physics, University of California]:
"What can be better for a scientist than a surprise? We thought we're going to find out that the universe is slowing down in it's expansion because all the gravity in the universe tends to slow the expansion down and instead we found out it's actually speeding up its going faster, we have no idea why. Now we have found a whole new chapter that we haven't exploited yet, I'm very excited."

This year's Nobel Prize in Chemistry goes to Dan Shechtman from Israel for the discovery of quasi-crystals.

Shechtman has detected that quasi-crystals have a non-repeating pattern.

From the beginning, Shechtman's colleagues didn't believe in his discovery and even asked him to leave the research group.

Prior to his discovery, it was believed that crystals only had repeating patterns.