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EU Dev Days 2011 : Can development aid be impartial?

il y a 6 ans149 views

Formulating the overarching goal of development aid can be a huge challenge. Of course, donors wish to see people living better, safer and fairer lives, but the boundary between promoting your world view and seeking to impose it can be frustratingly difficult to manage. Should development aid fund the transparent political process and accept the results, whatever they may be, or should funds be used to guide and influence results for ‘the better’’? Bringing controversial questions such as this out into the open will increase the effectiveness of development aid by bringing coherence and clarity to its aims.

You can follow all the debates live on 15-16 December, join the EDD community, and get comprehensive information on the topic of development at the EDD11 website (http://www.eudevdays.eu). Join the discussion on this topic and others on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/EUDevDays) and Twitter (https://twitter.com/#!/eudevdays).