BMX Tricks - Skatepark Emerica

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BMX Tricks - Skatepark Emerica

BMX "Stunts" and Tricks at the Skateparc Emerica in Ravensburg/Germany - with BMX, Scooter and one Skateboarder on one of the best Skateparcs near lake of constanze.
This was an unplanned video because the BMX guys just saw our cameras and asked us to do the video. So we did :-)
They showed us their actions, jumps in the pool/on the ramps and perfomance on camera. Next time we´ll do some Skateboard Action :-)
On that day there were some Skaters, Scooters and BMX Bikes as they are there almost every day.

Thanks boys, was a great day and a cool experience!

Video by Rod Meier, &
Camera: Dirk -
Music by BeaTheBeat, Song: "Hit it Hard", licensed for this webclip

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