Tales from the Missionary Hut: The Wind Up

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The wind up is a small gadget with big uses. This seemingly normal handle is a device designed to power any electrical appliance by simply winding it up. Tipped to become the century’s most important invention preventing trillions of units of carbon emissions from polluting the air, reports suggest the wind up could reverse the effects of global warming within our lifetime.


If you want light to read a book, how do you do this at the same time as winding? I'm not sure if this has really been thought through. Its only practical if you've got a battery. And these are made of non-renewable materials which could potentially harm unborn babies.
Also what if you wanted to have your fridge running while you went to work. Perhaps a long cable is needed too? And thats another non renewable resource thats probably causing conflict somewhere.
It doesnt make you happy anyway. Ive seen all those smiling black children running around. They dont need electricity to smile do they? Nah. They'd be just as happy with candles made of goat fat or something.
By dannyclayton 3 years ago
Interesting holistic approach...’The Wind Up’! It’s high time i invest in one of these gadgets!
By GazelleGhz 3 years ago
Who needs to focus on stuff like reliable health care or agricultural infrastructure when you can charge up you iPod with ease now? The world is saved!
By WORLDwrite 3 years ago
What a wind-up! A great piece of satire which says so much with some simple humour: love the allusion to 'quick fix' solutions that conveniently breeze over the part that involves hard work and dedication and yet are somehow meant to solve everyone's problems. What will the next great invention be? Surely a device to convert patronisation into food; that would surely spell the end of world hunger!
By fredburma1 3 years ago
We will be back to this kind of thing before long. Then we will have to think of another way of accusing someone of winding you up!
By andrew hirst 3 years ago