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    Hudson and Selenium Workshop Hosted by time2test - UK


    by vipingupta

    Demonstrate Continuous Integration using Hudson and Selenium. In the one hour free workshop hosted by Time2test Limited, who are based in the UK, we will cover how Selenium and Hudson work together to achieve Continuous Integration Testing.

    What you will learn?
    Selenium integration with Hudson
    Running a ANT build file

    Hudson war file downloaded and installed
    Ant jar file downloaded and installed
    JUnit jar file downloaded and installed
    Key steps
    Check if Ant and Java are installed and working properly on the machine
    Walk through about the selenium project which we are going to run using Hudson like build file, script file etc.
    Launch Hudson dashboard using hudson.war file
    Creating a job in hudson
    Demo the selenium project's directory in terms of build.xml, target etc
    Mapping the Ant target with the created Hudson's job
    Running the job and showing how it launches the browser and runs script
    Look at the generated report