Terravino Wine and Spirit Competition, Jerusalem

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Experts from all over the world arrive in Jerusalem to judge an international wine competition. Our correspondents are offered a rare glimpse into the world of wine tasting.

At the Terravino 2011 Wine and Spirit competition, held at Jerusalem's YMCA on Monday, wines of different tastes and colors flowed like water.

The competition is sponsored by the International Organization of Vine and Wine.

Based in Paris, it has 45 member states.

Samples from many countries were submitted to the competition.

[Haim Gan, Administrator, Terravino 2011]:
"We have 700 samples from 33 different countries. We have judges from 10 different countries that came from North America, from Europe and from other places. "

Amongst the judges are some of the top wine makers in the industry .

They do not swallow the wine after tasting, but spit it out into a small bucket.

That's how they manage to stay sober, focused, and most importantly - objective.

[Asaf Paz, Competition Judge & Wine Maker]:
"Of course we try to put as less as we can our own personal taste, because everybody comes with his own personal taste and if we do that we finish with very high scores and very low scores for every wine because everyone likes something a little bit different."

For more objectivity, the origin and grape variety of the wine are not revealed to the judges.

They judge the wine according to three main parameters:
aste. So you start with the color: is it brilliant? is it clear? Does it have the correct color for the type of wine that it is? Then you go over to the nose. Above all are there any smells that shouldn't be there? And then how good is it? Is it lovely and fruity? Is it perfumed? ...And then you go on to the palette -- and you are looking for the same thing: fruit, charm... you are looking for elegance, balance -- very important."