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When Hillcrest (C.V. France) sells his property to a developer, he expects Hornblower (Edmund Gwenn) will allow a poor family of farmers named Jackman to remain as tenants, but Hornblower wants to build a polluting industrial complex there and tells Hillcrest that he had no choice but to evict the Jackmans. Mrs. Hillcrest (Helen Haye) learns that Hornblower’s daughter Chloe (Phyllis Konstam) once was a prostitute and decides to use the information to stop the unscrupulous developer, even if it hurts innocent people and drives Chloe Hornblower to consider suicide. Though Mrs. Hillcrest and her lawyer swear on a Bible to keep the scandal a secret, the truth comes out to detrimental effect.

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The Skin Game 1931- the soundtrack is way out of sync. It makes this excellent movie virtually unwatchable.
By dm_5019ff1ec59b9 2 years ago