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    Dating Party in Prague for the Mentally Disabled


    by NTDTelevision

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    A Non-Government Organization in Prague is dedicated to helping people with mental disabilities. One of their projects is a singles social. It's remarkable how the participants enjoy the party and find new friends.

    Erasing prejudice against people with mental disabilities and arranging for their integration in society – these are the goals of the NGO “Are We Open?”

    [Martin Konečný, Director]:
    "The organization was founded in 1998. We focus on supporting people with special needs, primarily those with learning disabilities, autism and other disorders."

    Today is a Dating Party. “Are We Open?” has prepared this day for its clients over the past seven years.

    [Jitka Plachá, Party Organizer]:
    "Dating Party is an event mainly for people with mental disabilities, because, in general, they have a serious complications with dating and social interaction."

    Organizers arrange the evening with live music, board games and a raffle with some token prizes.

    The party facilitates a better acquaintance among people with similar disabilities.

    [Jitka Plachá, Party Organizer]:
    "Everybody needs love and a partnership. I think we can see that people with intellectual disabilities have in themselves a lot of love and love to share it."

    And is there anything we can learn from these disabled people?

    [Jaroslav Šmíd, Moderator]:
    "They are gifted with one special gift – they behave naturally, with no barriers or prejudice. Normal people may think that it's weird. But I think if everyone in the world could behave like these people, the world would be a better place."

    NTD News, Prague