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Blackninja, the mysterious life behind afrogroove

il y a 6 ans44 views



Mysterious life behind afrogroove
written,composed and produced by Michel Nzau VUANDA®©2010
Lead vocal: Michel Nzau VUANDA
Lead back : Fabienne Reine Georges
Choeurs : Veronique Ablice (Ametys) and Awa Timbo
Drums: Johnny Pululu
Bass: Koshi Niwa
Lead Guitar: Leonard Mule
Rhytmic Guitar : Umberto Luambo
Additionnal Guitars: Nicolas Mazzola
Sax : David Johnson and Alexandre
Rhodes : Leonard Mule
Keyboard : Jean Marc Vicquery
Recoded at Poisson Barbu
Mixed at Davout by Jean Loup Morette
Credits Photos : Joachym Frydman, Martine Scaravelli, Marie Claude Eudaric, Raphael DElorme, Michel Nzau - allrights protected 2010®©

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Blackninja, the mysterious life behind afrogroove
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