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    Chinese Regime Uses Specialized Software to Monitor Petitioners


    by NTDTelevision

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    Every year millions of Chinese citizens petition to have their complaints resolved. But as of late, the Chinese regime has been using large amounts of resources to monitor and limit their social impact. Now police have access to specially designed computer software geared at monitoring petitioners—most who are on a tough road to justice.

    Chinese police are using sophisticated software to monitor petitioners, according to a Web-based rights group. reported on two of these programs over the weekend. They're meant to help police control a large number of citizens who appeal to authorities to resolve their complaints.

    Two companies based in northern Shandong Province created the programs. They let police record and track petitioners' data, based on the nature of their complaints, like illegal land seizures for example. One of the software specifically targets petitioners who travel to Beijing to voice their grievances.

    News of the software has angered petitioners and activists. They say authorities are treating citizens like enemies, when they should be protecting them instead.

    [Hu Jun, Rights Activist]:
    "We already know they have a process to monitor petitioners, from the local level to Beijing. Now they have specialized software. If this continues, will the entire population end up being monitored? If they can put these resources into healthcare, or to improve the lives of the public, do they still need to monitor citizens?"

    Li Guozhu has been petitioning since 2004, after he reported on a corrupt official and was fired from his job. Li says these petitioner management software indicates the Chinese regime is nervous about rising social tensions.