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    Hi-P Workers Continue to Strike at Shanghai Factory


    by NTDTelevision

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    A strike at a factory in Shanghai is getting more and more tense. On Tuesday, please detained about a dozen protesters... who have been on site for seven days now. The workers say they feel helpless with the factory planning layoffs and relocating to an inconvenient location for many.

    Chinese police detained around a dozen workers at a Singapore-owned electronics plant in Shanghai on Tuesday.

    Some 200 workers at the factory owned by Hi-P International first stopped work last Wednesday, denouncing what they said was a plan to relocate the plant to a Shanghai suburb and demanding compensation for layoffs.

    [Unidentified Worker]:
    "They had promised us that they would not move away the factory equipment if there was no agreement between the workers and the factory. Now we have no way to stop the police. The police have set up a cordon and we cannot go inside. Our workers knelt down in front of the factory gate and police have arrested them."

    Hi-P is an electronics contract manufacturer whose customers include Apple and BlackBerry maker Research in Motion, according to media and analyst reports.

    Some workers say they feel helpless against the authorities' actions.

    [Wang, Factory Worker]:
    "Some people went to petition the government. They said we had not terminated the contract with Hi-P so we cannot sue the factory. So basically Hi-P and the workers are still at a standstill regarding our contracts. They did not say whether they will compensate us or not. They are now just forcibly removing the factory equipment."

    Strikes in China this year have pitted workers frustrated about rising costs against companies struggling with an external economic slowdown.