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    Robert Jones
    Massively out of sync, impossible to watch it.
    By Robert JonesDecember
    Kristi Marie
    Ah, the audio is out of sync for this one and The Ghost Breakers.
    By Kristi MarieLast year
    I was so happy to find this I absolutely love bob hope and I haven't seen this particular movie in years. Unfortunately the audio is out of sync here so it was a little difficult to follow. Shame.
    By Lou07052 years ago
    Michael Stratford
    Wow, where'd you find this one? An awesome Hope comedy (he and Goddard also did "The Ghost Breakers") and a terrific remake of the silent original: moody, atmospheric and just comic enough. Gale Sondergaard and George Zucco skulk around and add to the general spookiness, naturally, and Hope has some classic zingers. Thanks for sharing this one!
    By Michael Stratford2 years ago