Advertising Console Wishes You A Merry BEEPnesss

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    Hello boys and girls! I'm Zimbo the magical Christmas Chimp. We all love Santa Claus and Christmas Day, right? Sure we do. So, when it comes to waiting for Santa to arrive, we don't want to monkey around, do we?? No, you bet we don't. And that's why I recommend that all good little girls and boys of all ages wake themselves up on Christmas morning by using the original Online Alarm Clock at Just visit the alarm clock website, choose your alarm time, and then you will be awakened by its magic Online Alarm. It doesn't cost anything, and it's simple to use. So, take it from Zimbo: don't wake up late for your presents on Christmas! Go to and set an alarm on the Online Clock website. I really go bananas for that alarm clock, HO HO HO!