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    Music Industry Exposed (Parts 9-11) • ©2010 Farhank


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    Tenacity, Industry, Passion - in that order. This document is a result of the sequence. It drives deep into the recesses, plucks out what already resides there and places it on the table. The insidious layer behind the music industry is entertainment in itself. It's a new genre of thriller.

    If Passion is the Mother of Eloquence, the eloquence of Farhan and friends emanate with a passion that 'illuminates' a 11-part documentary towards a topic that surreptitiously feeds the womb, rather than regenerate the soul.

    While it's safe to assume that the authors are not on Rihanna's Christmas card list, they are definitely on mine and I hope they progress the arrested narrative to its logical conclusion. Parts nine to eleven are comprised in the video and is used without express permission.

    Words - Tommy Peters

    Farhan's site:-