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    Beyblade ::Hero::


    by Kei_Hiyomura

    My first full-length video! Yes, Beyblade again. XDDDDD

    Like "Shattered", I had this song on repeat at some point, and the images just flowed into my head. So, after listening to the song on repeat while driving to work, and around 22 hours of working with the video clips and shiz... we have this.

    Unlike other videos, though, I actually had a concept for this one lol A very rough one, though; something along the lines of "Each of us has the ability to become a hero, but not everyone has the courage to be one. And sometimes, the only way you become a hero is because someone before showed you how."

    I'd have done a Metal Fight version, but...the images weren't as clear. So I stuck with the original. :D

    I own nothing but the concept for the vid. =P

    Beyblade G-Revolution (c) Aoki Takao, TV Tokyo
    Hero (c) Skillet