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    Gimme A Break! Season 7 (Series Finale) Opening



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    If Gimme A Break went on one more season, this is how I think the credits would have looked like, and the theme would have sounded like, or how I think they'd work best in a proper send off final season and most of all, series finale, in which every member of the final season would be in the episode.

    Slowing the theme down works. It still sounds upbeat and 80s, but has that sense of "finalization". Of course, the picture Nell takes at the beginning would be a little different, as everyone got older in the fall of 1987. The family photo would possibly include Mama Maybelle since she now lived in New York and was frequently seen in the final season.

    Added to the cast, let's assume Bill Henderson (Ernie, Mama's boyfriend in the season 6 finale), Yvonne Wilder (Tina Jacoby), Blake Clark (B.J. O'Brien, Maggie's Husband) were all added to the show, and at times, Special Guest Star Tom Bosely as Tina Jacoby's husband who was only mentioned as Vern, but never seen in season 6.