Rumors of 46 Mistresses, Huge Bribes Surround Sacked Chinese Official

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The vice governor of China's eastern Shandong province has been removed from office for possible corruption. Corruption and bribery remain widespread problems for the ruling Communist Party, despite increasing anti-corruption campaigns.

Huang Sheng has been sacked from his job under suspicion of a "severe violation of discipline."

That's often code for suspected corruption or graft. Online posts claimed Huang took an unbelievable $9 billion in bribes and had 46 mistresses.

Now Huang faces "double designation," an investigation process used for Party officials that often includes months of detention and interrogation.

Huang Sheng's case has cased uproar on China's Internet. But some feel there's more to the story than is being told--because there are so many corrupt officials who have not been sacked.

[Li Xiangyang, Shandong-Based Rights Activist]:
"In terms of the CCP's whole bureaucracy, it uses corruption to increase corruption, to maintain its dictatorship. Now, any official can be arrested, caught or disciplined through double designation using the excuse of corruption. But his sacking is definitely not due to corruption. There must be another reason behind it."

What that reason could be remains a mystery. Huang is the latest in a string of high-level government officials investigated for corruption.