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    Home Décor: Bedding Lingo

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    Home Décor: Bedding Lingo - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. Let us talk about the lingo that you need to know when you go to buy bedding. Think of a bed as a piece of furniture that you are going to layer with different items. So first you have a mattress cover. Then you might have a bed topper. Then you are going to have your sheets, of course. Then you might have a coverlet and then your duvet or comforter. Then your pillows, sleep pillows, decorative pillows, throw pillows and last you might choose to have a throw at the foot of your bed. That is the lingo you need to know. Remember, comforter or duvet, coverlet, throw. You may not know what a coverlet is. It is not your main blanket that with you sleep with like a duvet. It is a lighter weight blanket that you probably add to your bedding layers during the winter and fall season. It is not quilted but it could be a quilt that your grandmother gave you, but it is going to go underneath your duvet and it is like I said it is light weight. There are comforters and there are duvets. First of all comforters do not have removable insert in it. It is usually quilted. A duvet is your duvet insert which could be the polyfill or feather and then you have your duvet cover and that is the decorative element that is part of the composition of your bedding. Something else we should consider is the bed skirt. Some people do not like bed skirts because they feel they trap the dust under the bed other people need a bed skirt because they want to hide what they store under the bed. There is a gathered bed skirt. There is a pleated bed skirt which is more tailored. There is also a box spring cover that does not come to the ground, it just fits over the box spring similar to a fitted sheet. When you consider your box spring cover or your bed skirt think about coordinating that with your drapes and the color should coordinate with the rest of your bedding. Also let us talk about the topper for your bed. A lot of times people have a pillow top that is built in with the mattress. If you do not have that you can purchase one that is ready made that is either made out of down or polyfill or even a type of foam that is shapeable to your body. Some people do not like them because it makes the bed hotter. Other people like it because it makes it more comfortable and luxurious. That is what you need to know about bed toppers.