Israelis Demonstrate Against Fur Trade Cruelty

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Protesters gather in central Tel Aviv to protest against the cruelty suffered by animals in the fur trade. According to a recent survey, the majority of Israelis are in favor of banning the fur trade. Our correspondents bring us the story.

The demonstrators, some lying on the ground covered with red liquid to symbolize the blood of slaughtered animals, are shouting slogans such as “No to furs!”

The demonstrators are trying to call attention to the issue of animal suffering in the fur trade.

Photographic evidence released by the International Anti Fur Coalition reveals the controversial manner in which the animals are killed, both in China and Europe.

First the animal is dazed by being banged several times against the floor; then its legs are chopped off with an axe; finally it is stripped of its skin whilst still alive.

Rita, who took part in the demonstration, shares with us the importance of being aware of the suffering of the helpless animals.

[Mrs. Rita Balade, Protester]:
“It is simply cruel and shocking to kill an animal for its fur. They suffer cruelty and are being stripped of their fur while still alive. This is inhuman! We must take care of our world, it’s going to hell!”

In ancient times people used to wear fur after hunting an animal.

But according to the activists present here, nowadays, especially in the era of the internet, with awareness of animal rights increasing, we can no longer ignore animals’ suffering.

[Mrs. Jane Halevy, International Anti Fur Coalition, Founder]:
“I would like to address women who still think wearing fur is fashionable, and tell them: the status of fur in our time is not as it once used to be - a status of nobility. Now it is a status of ignorance, of the malice that comes out of egotism! Those who still wear fur should know that this is what they are representing.”...