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    TOP 10 Best Electronic Dictionaries, Thesauri & Translators to Buy

    Franklin Speaking 14 Language Translator with Merriam-Webster Dictionary EST-5014

    Franklin Electronics BFS-2160 Speaking French-English Dictionary

    Wizcom WRP2 ReadingPen 2 - Portable Handheld Scanner

    Canon Wordtank S502 Japanese Dictionary

    Franklin 14 Language Speaking Global Translator with Visual Dictionary and Color Screen (EST-7014)

    T-9 Farsi (Persian) -English , English- Farsi (Persian) Two Ways Text Translation Speaking Translator Poket Dictionary. New Model for 2011.

    Wizcom Quicktionary TS Multi Scanning Translation Pen - Gray/Red (WQTSMU)

    Lingo Ambassador 40-Language Talking Translator

    Lingo Voyager 2 Talking Translator (TTV-2)

    Canon Electrical Dictionary WORDTANK S503 - Color LCD - Japanese, Chinese & English (Japan Import)

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