Islam in Nederland (TV Documentary)


by onetime

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Islam in Nederland - Muslim Women in the Netherlands

Documentary from Dutch TV (IKON) about muslimas in the Netherlands speaking about their experiences, their belief and the reasons why they reverted
back to islam.

Language : Dutch with english subtitles.

You may download this video from :


En reponse a ce qu'a ecrit seyfou99 :
ce que tu as ecrit "envoyez ce message a tel nombre de personnes, sinon ..." est faux. Tout cela n'a rien avoir avec notre religion. N'envoies aucun message et il ne te passera rien du tout bi idhni illah
By onetime 7 years ago
machaAllah qu'elles sont magnifiques nos soeurs, qu'Allah guide les familles des converti(e)s AMIN barakAllah ou fik pour le reportage
By ayah 7 years ago
I AM proud of them.. God praise them
By fdak12 7 years ago
everyone should try islam and read about it before they juge and if some muslims not good that not mean all of muslims are bad.
By vambar 7 years ago
Machaallah j espere que les parents serront aussi muslims , j ai compri 75 % , parceque je parle allemand , salamo laykom wa ra7mato allah wa barakatoh
By Adlacky 7 years ago
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