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    KILL SHOT "Maynard" Character Trailer

    A teaser trailer for the RavensFilm Productions' crime drama web series KILL SHOT. The charismatic, cunning, and mehodical hitman Maynard, portrayed by Nick Doetsch, is the focus of this trailer. This ten episode series will premiere online in 2013.

    Three rival hitmen - Maynard, Graham, & Lou - tangle themselves up in a lethal game of deceit against one another. Maynard is the cunning, calculating, but also, thrill seeking professional. Graham is the substance abusing, unbalanced, and severely dangerous psychopath. Lou is the tragically impacted gunman left with nothing but a cold murderous rage inside. These three men collide in unique ways which damage and forge them towards a twisted, final confrontation.

    Starring Nick Doetsch, Michael Sugarman, Stevan Vujic, Joe Crowe, J. Preston Taub, Laura Wettingfeld, Gerrit Yank, Thom McCloud, Jessica Thigpen, C.J. Koenig, Robert Kaercher, Claudia DiBiccari, David Goodloe, and Nicholas J. Michalak.

    Written, shot, edited, produced, & directed by Nicholas J. Michalak.

    Trailer music is "Rising" by Kevin MacLeod (

    ©2011 RavensFilm Productions