With my back against some walls!

Mark Stanton Reade

von Mark Stanton Reade

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What just might happen if you use to hang around with some good old friends from the right nazi wing, but all of a sudden you fall in love with some very nice and really good-looking lady from the south with some coffee brown skin and just a fine character? Then you will have to make a decision some day more than clearly, don't you think so, too? Against her or against your own long-standing friends! This is the main theme of the song and film clip! -- It`s more than astonishing that some nazis do exist not only in Germany, but in the USA, England and even Poland, too, although the Polish People were run over by the "German Wehrmacht" in the so-called "Blitzkrieg" already in the past! And that the "German Luftwaffe" once had thrown a lot of bombs upon the whole of London, too!! Or that the US Nazis sometimes look much more extreme with regard to their own crazy outfits or uniforms than even their direct counterparts from Germany! Would you, please, now, just explain this world to me!

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