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    Roger Wolfe Kahn's Orch. - Yearning, 1925


    przez grzegorz240252

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    This early Wolfe Kahn rendition is so lovely, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. As for the pictures, once more they are just fabulous! So very 20s and this acoustical is of most remarkable quality, a gem indeed. Thank you for sharing!
    Przez kspm0220s5 lat temu
    Boston Blackie
    Nice, mid twenties vintage ballad in the RWK style. Sounded like an acoustical, right around the time of the changeover to electrical. Excellent video accompaniment provided as usual.
    Przez Boston Blackie5 lat temu
    Hello Grzegorz - I love, love, love this Roger Kahn gem! The vocals, the musical arrangement - the visuals - super top notch! Have a super great weekend!!!
    Przez tango37215 lat temu