Rockefeller Center's Christmas Tree Lighting Signals Beginning of Festive Season

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The lighting of Rockefeller Center's christmas tree announced the begining of christmas season in New york.

But seeing the tree was not as easy as the viewers expected. Let's take a look.

The holiday season officially kicked off in New York as New Yorkers Gathered to see the lighting of Rockefeller's Christmas tree.

"We shall see the tree get lit up and we are really excited about it."

"We are very excited to see the tree soon, it's getting cold, but for me it's really fun"

But to see the spectacle seems to be no easy task.

"We've been standing here for about three hours now."

Along with the debut of the Christmas season, comes the cold season.

"I hope you enjoin sitting at home with your hot chocolate because we are freezing. Bring us some hot chocolate."

This year the tree's star has a fierce competitor.

"My daughter was hoping to see Justin Bieber tonight."

The attention was divided between the tree and the singer Justin Bieber.

"Yes, Yes, Yes. No, the tree. What?"

"She thought it was the tree and she thought it was Justin Bieber."

Finally, the tree lights up.

"It's beautiful. It's worth the wait. It's gorgeous, yeah, it's beautiful"

And neither the long wait, the cold or the crowds were enough to dampen the excitement.

"Merry Christmas!"

"Merry Christmas."

"Merry Christmas."

NTD News, New York

Photographer & Reporter: Felipe G. Santiago