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    Keepers of the coast, Help us get the balance back

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    In 1990 Tom Curren, founder of Surfrider Foundation Europe, brought 300 ocean lovers together to protest against coastal pollution. These supporters were the beginning of the programme that is now the core of Surfrider Foundation's environmental action: The Keepers of the Coast.

    For 20 years, members of the public like you and like us, have been campaigning against projects that threaten European coastlines: In total they have won more than 320 campaigns. From water pollution caused by oil and chemicals to the expansion of ports that destroy our beaches, waves and nature reserves, the coast is under attack. Every day, people stand together with Surfrider and need to be supported in their campaign.

    Developing the means to support the Keepers has become essential. By supporting Surfrider's Keepers, we give them a better chance of success. Help us get the balance back. Make a donation.

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