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    Tantric Massage at the Ecstatic Joy Tantra Temple in London


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    Sundara Rose

    by Sundara Rose

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    The Tantric erotic massage is a beautiful, sensual and intimate experience; it is a full body, body to body oil massage. We invite you to visit us to experience a professional and authentic tantric massage in our temple and discover a beauty and ecstasy beyond imagination!
    Through learning to control your sexual energy, by means of tantric massage:
    the man will become more masculine, confident, free, virile, sexually awakened, be able to experience more pleasure and gain control over his energy, becoming better lovers and the woman will become more feminine, happy, radiant, self confident, sensual, erotic, relaxed, open, beautiful, uninhibited and free.
    Here at our massage temple, the beauty and ambience will awaken and delight all your senses. As a guest in our Temple, you will feel enchanted by the sacred and caring atmosphere that takes you out of the routine of daily life and into a world of eroticism and sensuality!