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    Home Décor: Buying Cushions

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    Home Décor: Buying Cushions - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. Here is some lingo when you are buying cushions. First of all, you want to know that pillows and cushions are two different things. Cushions are what we sit on. Right now, I am sitting on a cushion that is from my banquet in the kitchen. It is a breakfast nook, and it is for a wood banquet, so it needs to be a foam cushion, it needs to have a little bit of support. Also, you could have a cushion on a chair. Here is an example of a cushion on a chair, and because it is on a chair, it has ties. There are different types of ties. This is just a one inch tie that wraps around the leg. It could be a tie that you tie into a bow, or it could be a snap tie, where it is very short and it just goes around the leg and then snaps. The cushions that you select for a banquet, or for a chair, or for someplace that you sit, cushions and not pillow. So, make sure that when you are asking someone that you need cushions for your chair, that you do say cushions, and not pillows, or they are going to think you want a pillow to put behind your back. Here is an example of a pillow that you might put behind your back when you are sitting at this banquet. There is three different styles here, as far as size. There is a small rectangle, a large rectangle, and then we also have two squares. So, those are the different styles of pillows on a banquet. These are the different kinds of cushions for a sitting area. That is the lingo you should know when you are buying cushions.