Atelier Stockholm Fine Art School Follows Traditional Masters

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One art school in Stockholm, Sweden, is one of its kind in teaching its students how to draw and paint realistically—like the old masters of Renaissance and the 18th and 19th century academies of Europe and Russia. Our Correspondent joins an art class to get a better picture.

Following the footprints of the old Masters, one fine art school in Stockholm, Sweden is dedicating itself to traditional, realistic drawing and painting.

"Atelier Stockholm—The Swedish Academy of Realist Art (SARA)" is the first art school of its kind in Sweden and northern Europe.

The school is teaching that "beauty inspires beauty".

In line with traditional teaching methods, drawing, copying and croqueting form the foundation for the technical skills and the craftsmanship of painting.

Hans-Peter Szameit founded Atelier Stockholm with his wife, Sanna Tomac in 2006.

"We were seeking this sort of training, in other words teaching how to draw and paint things the way they looked in nature, it were very difficult for us so when we finally found it and were trained, we decided to make it available; the knowledge that we gained to other people who might be like us, wanting this but unable to find it."

The two have traced the lineage of their teachers—like a family tree—descending back to the old masters and teachers of the13th century, including Leonardo Da Vinci.

Szameit says the training and study needed in portraying expressions in realistic drawing and painting has sadly not been available for many decades, because all schools now teach modernism instead.

"State funded art schools, when you go to an art school, you don´t really learn how to draw and paint. It's more about self-expression, finding something original to say in a way things hasn't been done before, it's video installation, these sorts of things."