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    No rollback of FDI, says Congress


    by NDTV

    For the seventh day, Parliament ended its day by noon. The opposition has said it will not budge from its demand for a debate and vote on the government's decision to allow 51% foreign ownership in multi-brand retail stores. It's not just the vote that the BJP is pushing for. The debate will begin with an adjournment motion - which means that normal business is suspended to focus on a matter of public interest - and the BJP says the text of this notice is non-negotiable. It will ask for the retail reforms to be reversed. "If the Government even wants to suggest they want to change the wording of the adjournment motion moved by me...I am making it clear...there will be no change," said the party's Murli Manohar Joshi. He also challenged the government's claim that reforms in retail sector will help fight inflation. "Is there no inflation in places where Wal-Mart exists?" he asked. "The government's statement that these reforms will help employ lakhs of people is absolutely baseless," he added.