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    Taste of Italian Food & Luxury Goods Brought to China


    by NTDTelevision

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    For affluent Chinese wanting to get their hands on Italian luxury goods close to home... there's now one place where much can be found. Located in Tianjin, the facility has everything from Venetian canals to a replica of the Colosseum.

    People in northern China have a taste of Italy in their backyard now. Whether they're up for a tour of Venetian canals, a glass of Chianti with a string trio serenade, or a premium brand shopping spree, Florentia Village in Tianjin saves Chinese from the long trip to Europe.

    Carved out of a cornfield in Wuqing, half way between the port of Tianjin and Beijing, the new shopping plaza opened last June. It already attracts thousands of visitors daily.

    Although named after Florence, the village also replicates famous landmarks across Italy, such as Piazza San Marco and even the Colosseum.

    Customers say they enjoy the range of brands they can access here.

    "Whatever suites me is the best. Normally I buy Burberry, Prada and the simpler ones like Guess, Esprit, Miss Sixty, and CK. I would buy them all."

    For others, it's all about the atmosphere.

    [Miss Liu, Customer from Tianjin]:
    "It is very comfortable, very relaxing and coming here puts me into a good mood. I like the music here because it relaxes me with its light beats."

    According to the World Luxury Association, China is the second largest luxury goods market, but could soon take over Japan and become the largest.