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    Vic Tiffany Agency


    by victiffany2

    IT IS MY PLEASURE TO RECOMMEND HIM TO ANYONE SEEKING HIS SERVICES!!! I have known Vic Tiffany for many years. It is my pleasure to recommend him to anyone seeking his services. He is a dedicated family man with exceptionally high values, someone who will treat you fairly and honestly.

    - Becky T.

    HE IS AN ASSET TO EVERY ORGANIZATION HE IS INVOLVED IN!!! Vic is one of the most outstanding individuals I have met. I have known him for seven years and have been constantly amazed at his understanding, hard work, dedication to whatever task he has, dependability and integrity of character. I am able to count on Vic to always give his best effort and know that he will never compromise on his high standards and values. He works great with others, looking for and paying attention to anyone who might need help and assistance. He is an asset to every organization he is involved in.

    - Hannah L.