Home Décor Tips: Choosing Fabric Colors

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Home Décor Tips: Matching Home Colors and Fabrics - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. Hi, my name is Jane Mogel, I am with Jane Mogel Interior Design in New York City. Today we are going to be talking about choosing fabrics for decorating. And we are going to start with this group right over here. I am showing you a beautiful blue paisley fabric. As you can see there are lots of shades of blue. There are also some neutral tones in this fabric. If you wanted to paint the walls a neutral color, you could go with that beige color. But what I would suggest is, this would be a great fabric for drapery or lightweight upholstery, which would mean chairs that are not being used frequently. With this fabric would be this medium scale blue and white stripe. Stripes and paisleys are great together. Also stripes and florals are great together. Here is a wider stripe, I love this one, too. And here is a solid textural fabric. Some other options you could do to add to drapery or pillows would be this braid or this tassel trim. The next group is a neutral group of fabrics, another paisley, this is a neutral paisley, similar to the blue but now we are using shades of gold and off-white. This is a beautiful fabric. So what you could do with this one is similar, you could use a multi-colored stripe with this. Here is another stripe, this is more casual than the first one. And if you wanted to be a little bolder, you could use this contemporary fabric. This is a cut velvet fabric in a geometric pattern. Great with the paisley. You can see that they work really well together. I like doing traditional and contemporary together. The next group is very graphic black and white collection. Here is another geometric fabric. These are really popular right now. So, I like the idea of doing this medium scale pattern geometric fabric with a very wide black and white fabric. And here is an embroidered linen, also beautiful. You need to incorporate some solid fabrics also. So a solid black would group this whole group of busier fabrics. And the last group of fabrics is this very warm collection of reds, greens and golds. These are my favorite fabrics. Here is another paisley in the red, green and gold, and what I have done is added a silk stripe in the same colors, a silk check, also in the same colors, a slightly smaller pattern, and some solids again. Here is a solid rust velvet fabric, and another velvet, if you can see, it is got a gold in the background.