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    How to Make Blue Cheese Stuffed Dates

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    How to Blue Cheese Stuffed Dates - as part of the food and kitchen series by GeoBeats. A dish with blue cheese stuffed dates, with a pancetta tomato sauce, garnished with Marcona almonds. So, the first thing we need to do is take the pits out of the dates. So take a small paring knife and make a small cut in the date and gently pull it open to pull the pit out, they are very sticky, but the pit will fall right out. You are going to take your blue cheese; you can buy the pre-crumbled blue cheese or you can use blue cheese in a brick like this. And you are going to take just a little bit of the blue cheese, and stuff it inside of the slitted date, close it up, there we go, and we can place these on our plate here. The next thing we need to do is crisp up the pancetta for the tomato sauce. I have got my pan heating over medium heat. I am going to add some of my pancetta and let that crisp up over medium heat. Once your pancetta is done, it is going to look like this, little crispy bits here, with the fat drained out, and you can take your favorite store-bought tomato sauce or you can make your own, and add the pancetta to it. A little stir. Then we are going to just spoon the tomato sauce over the dates and garnish with some Marcona almonds. The best way to serve this is with some toothpicks or small forks for appetizers. And that is how you make blue cheese stuffed dates with pancetta tomato sauce.