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    Argentines Make the World's Longest Apple Tart


    by NTDTelevision

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    A gigantic 984 foot-long apple tart is pieced together in Buenos Aires. The avid bakers who made it celebrate breaking the Guinness record as thousands of hungry pie lovers turn out to taste the final product.

    A group of enthusiastic apple tart makers made the world's longest apple pie Sunday in Buenos Aires.

    Excited participants took sections of the tart out of bakery trucks parked along Rivadavia Avenue, the world's longest avenue, and assembled them end to end.

    The pie measured 984 feet and was made to benefit those who suffer from celiac disease.

    People with celiac are limited to eating a gluten-free diet.

    328 feet of the pie were made gluten-free.

    The event organizers also wanted to draw attention to what they think are the world's most delicious apples.

    [Maricarmen Garcia, Event Organizer]:
    "It is the longest tart in the world but this time on the longest avenue in the world. We are happy to bring the tart here to the people of Buenos Aires for them to try. It is exquisite. It is homemade and we are promoting that we have the best apples in the world."

    For the third year in a row, the group of pie lovers hailing from Cinco Saltos, Argentina coordinated their efforts to produce the tasty tart.

    The record-breaking tart served an estimated twenty-four thousand people.