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    Home Décor: Ideas for Pillows

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    Home Décor: Ideas for Pillows - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. Hi, I am June Vantrimpont with Junie Moon Creations. There are different shapes and different sizes of many pillows that we use in our home. For example, this small pillow is only a twelve by twelve inch pillow. It is perfect for a small chair or a corner, a corner bench, or something that is just used to bring color into our home. There are bigger pillows that are more embellished with trim, and the fabric itself is a combination of a print and a solid and perhaps a different fabric on the back. This is used to bring in color into a living room or perhaps a bedroom. It is not a comfortable pillow to rest up against, but it is very, very decorative. We also have pillows that we have on our couch to support us when we are watching television. This is a really good example of that pillow, because it is big enough to rest on, it is big enough to put behind our back, it is nice to put under our head if we are watching a football game and we just want to enjoy the game or a movie and it is comfortable. This pillow is also perfect for putting on the floor in case you want to sit on the floor or if you have a small child that wants to sit on the floor and watch television. It is also perfect for putting on a piece of furniture and then putting a second pillow in front of it. For example, you might want to put a combination of pillows in one place and putting these two together. They complement each other and the colors play off each other and look fun. A fun shaped pillow is the ball. It is perfect for children's rooms, putting it on their bed when you want something different. You can make it with several pieces of fabric so that you bring in a color combination that can look like a beach ball. It is sometimes mistaken as a round pillow, but it is actually called a ball pillow. An example of a round pillow would be something more like this, where it is flat, and it is more like a seat cushion.