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    Unusual Holiday Gift Ideas

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    Unusual Holiday Gift Ideas - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. Here are some fun, unusual holiday gifts that you might want to choose for your friends and neighbors. First off, do not forget the pets. Look for something that is festive for the holidays, that you can either put cat treats or dogs treats in, or whatever kind of pet they might have. Here is something unusual, zombie key covers for their house keys or car keys. Takes the mystery out of finding which is your house key, and which is your door key. Here is something really unusual, it is a color changing umbrella. It starts out as the same boring black umbrella everybody else has. But once it starts raining, you will have all the colors of the rainbow to keep you cheery. Here is another festive and unusual gift. This one and the one behind me are actually made out of aluminum and painted, but you had never know it. They are really fun, and they are a great conversation piece, and they will look great in any home. Here is a great unusual gift idea, a funny book. This one is called, Crap at my Parents' House. This one has unusual things found around people's homes. Maybe you will recognize some from your own home, scary, is not it? And here is a great unusual gift for anyone who is into art. These are called Reiki rocks. The artist uses found rocks, as well as some very unusual rocks called fairy stones that come from a specific area in Quebec. And then infuses them with Japanese Reiki, which is an energy, healing, and relaxation technique. So they are reported to bring beautiful, relaxing energy to your home.