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    49ers 2011 highlights rap Karaoke(Official Video)


    by indieurbanmusic

    To tell yall honestly I aint even from the Bay
    Moved out this way to put my Art through academy
    One thing I can say about the folks from SF
    They love the home team and love to say it on their chest

    Red and gold are the tones
    kings wear on their thrones
    as they watch the gladiators just completing the throw

    And the ladies like to jiggle in red and gold clothes
    which makes it much warmer cuz in SF it gets cold
    And while they sipping forties to pass the time
    don't make a bad play and step out of line
    Don't let that referee drop the dime
    or all of a sudden comes out the glock 9

    now this is a shirt to commemorate
    A team which is loved by a crowd who relates
    So if you also love the team and the philosophy behind it
    Get yourself one right now and become a 40nineER

    -“old man” Ras Au-t Amam