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    Obama & Palin Review The Blackberry Bold Touch 9930 ...


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    22 จำนวนการรับชม -

    Obama & Palin Review The Blackberry Bold Touch 9930 Smart Phone


    PALIN: so. barack, what's up dude?

    OBAMA: i just bought me a new blackberry Bold, Touch, 9930 smartphone

    PALIN: oh really? tell me about it!

    OBAMA: well, it has a 1.2 Gigahertz processor, 2, dot, 8 inch touchscreen,QWERTY keyboard, Fast 3G connectivity, 5-MegaPixel camera, and 4 Gigabyte of memory.

    PALIN: terrific! and how much did you pay for it?

    OBAMA: i got it on a huge discount at amazon dot com for only 520 dollars with free shipping

    PALIN: and are you happy with it?

    OBAMA: of course! and i'm not the only one. 18 customers have reviewed it as a top rated amazon deal!

    PALIN: sounds good!where can i see this deal?

    OBAMA: just click the link below, you can read all the customer's reviews and get the discount there

    PALIN: will do, will do,

    OBAMA: yes. you can!