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    Diabetic Care in Hudson Valley New York


    by HudsonValleyWellness

    Diabetic Care Hudson Valley New York. Hudson Valley Wellness Network. The Diabetics program is a physical activity intervention program that is just what your medical doctor would order. Diabetics, just like seniors want to exercise, under orders from their medical doctors, but don’t know what to do and where to go. Where to go and feel safe. The Stay Fit Circuit Diabetic Intervention Physical Activity program is a 30 minute all-in-one wellness physical activity program that educates and informs the diabetic about their disease while guiding them through the exercise program of resistance training and aerobic activity. You can be one of the 25 chiropractors, physical therapists in the Hudson Valley that can qualify to receive dozens of new patient opportunities each month from their community while generating revenue streams independent of treatment and procedure codes.