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STORY: EXPERTS ON "SUPER-COMMITTEE" DEADLOCKDATELINE: Nov. 22, 2011LENGTH: 0:03:38LOCATION: Washington, New YorkINTRONo agreement from the U.S. congressional "Super-Committee" will trigger automatic cuts to military and social programs, which some experts say could precipitate another serious economic downturn.Analysts say a bad leadership, deep partizan differences and an ill-functioning political system are among things to blame for such an outcome.World News has the details.PKGSTANDUP(ENGLISH) MIKE KELLERMAN, CNC CORRESPONDENT:"Here at the Brookings Institution, the inability of the super committee to come to an agreement is being called a massive failure that could hurt the country for a long time to come. Automatic budget cuts would begin to take effect, a massive cut in US government spending, and says a chief economist here in Washington at this conference it could mean a new recession for the United States..."Alice Rivlin, founding director of U.S. Congressional Budget Office,
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Producer : Xinhua News Agency