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    Chap. 1 - 14 Leaving Hogwarts

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    *~*Soundtrack - The Beauty and The Bat - A Providential Encounter*~*

    Dumbledore wanted to talk to Emily the last time before she has to leave Hogwarts. He makes her a job offer as teacher for Mugglehistory.

    The Beauty and the Bat is originally a role-playing game of us (XehanortsNobody and RedPassion). XN writes the part of Severus Snape and RP plays her OC Emily Brown.
    Informations you find on our profile :D
    And we wish all who already knows the story about our so beloved couple much fun with the songs! ;)

    Rights and Owner!!!!
    We don't own anything of that except of the FF itself, the OC Emily Brown and the Artwork inside the video.
    (C) JK. Rowling and Warner. Bros. for HP and John Williams for the themes of the movie! And Alan Rickman as Severus Snape and Bonnie Wright as Emily Brown.

    Explanation for::
    Track 14 - Leaving Hogwarts

    For this song we didn't changed the title but cut it and took it in this case from another HP OST - HP ATPS - 18 Leaving Hogwarts