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    Iran in mourning on first day of Moharram


    by PressTV

    Beacon kindled more than 1300 years ago still on fire. These are common scenes all over Iran these days. Shia Moslems throughout the world are mourning the martyrdom of the grandson of Islam's Prophet, Hussein-Ibn-Ali, may peace be upon him who is also Shia's third Imam. He was martyred on the day of Ashura which is the 10th day of lunar month of Moharam. Moharam has just started. Imam Hossein was invited by the people of Kufa to come to them as their Imam but the forces of the second Omayed Caliph, Yazid I which was composed of thousands of soldiers murdered him, his family and his supporters, altogether 72 people on 680 AD in Karbala, which is located in Iraq today.