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    Shocking helicopter crash accident while making telecom chrismas tree ::NewZealand::Auckland


    by webmodi

    strange new video Helicopter crash live on tape capture in new Zealand while making telecom Christmas tree. crash accident happen in Auckland city.for more detail please visit and subscribe to video channel to watch best videos around glob.
    helicopter pilot Greg Gribble clipped a wire as he was attempting to install a seven-story tall Christmas tree at the Auckland Viaduct, sending the chopper crashing to the ground. Somehow, among workers on the ground, people watching the installation, and the two men in the cockpit, nobody was seriously hurt.

    Video of the crash was captured by New Zealand's One News as the event was being shown live on television and streamed on the Internet. TV NZ reports that the helicopter was snapped in half, and one of its three blades was sliced clean off.
    A helicopter pilot is back at home and remarkably unhurt after a terrifying crash on Auckland's waterfront.